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Siemens Brazil

Siemens Brazil

Our Commitment to Integrity

Here you can find information on the announcement from Siemens Brazil regarding its legal agreement with public prosecutors in the state of Sao Paulo.

Since 2007, Siemens has consistently applied a rigorous system of transparency and integrity (internationally known as the Compliance System). This system aims to ensure compliance to principles, codes, laws and conducts, in order to combat fraud and organizational deviations, providing greater transparency to its shareholders and becoming a worldwide reference in business ethics. The commitment of Siemens against misconduct refers not only to the present and future but also the past.

“Compliance is not just a program; it is a fundamental tool for sustainable business.”

Joe Kaeser – President and CEO of Siemens AG

CEO letter to the public

Siemens signs agreement with the São Paulo State Prosecutor’s Office

This is to let you know that Siemens Ltda. has taken yet another important step that reinforces the seriousness of our commitment to integrity, transparency and compliance: We signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Justice of the State of São Paulo.

This agreement provides for close collaboration of our company with the Public and Social Property Prosecutors in the state's capital in their ongoing investigations to ascertain the existence of a potential cartel and the occurrence of other potential illicit acts in Brazil’s subway and railway sector. The document officially ratifies our collaborative attitude towards these investigations and our interest in determining, in an exact and transparent manner, the responsibilities for these eventual irregularities.

You all know that it was Siemens Ltda’s voluntary, pro-active self-disclosure to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) that gave rise, first to investigations by CADE, and later, by a series of other authorities. These actions were a result of our non-negotiable commitment to clean business in conformity with our values and the Compliance Program adopted globally in Siemens in 2007.

Some of you may have asked yourselves whether it has been advisable for our company to follow this path. In fact, our company has suffered, and continues to suffer, from some of these actions. There are daily press releases covering the topic, and not all of them are favoring and celebrating our approach. This is the price you pay for being a pioneer. We are doing so because this is the right thing to do, as we are committed to defending clean business and ethical behavior. That means strong stance against improper conduct or behavior, be it in the past, present or future.

Corruption slowly destroys the sustainable growth capacity of any country and ends up rewarding inefficiency, reducing free competition and investments companies would otherwise make towards production, research, technology and creating jobs. We need to break this vicious circle once and for all, through open and transparent attitudes, demonstrating willingness to correct mistakes that some people committed and that may have been tolerated in the past.

The agreement officially ratifies our collaborative attitude and is another solid step towards resolving the matter. With this action and our self-disclosure to CADE, we are breaking away from these unacceptable practices that compromise our country's development.

We believe that through our cooperation with public authorities, Siemens can make a key contribution to building a more ethical country and fostering fair competition among companies, free from unlawful and illegal practices, in the same way that ethics and transparency have become a part of the everyday life in our company.

Paulo Ricardo Stark
President and CEO of Siemens Brazil


2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
2007 Siemens establishes its global compliance program.
2008 The compliance program begins to operate in a structured manner at Siemens Brazil. In November, Siemens signs a global agreement with US and European authorities to cooperate in projects to combat corruption.
2009 Due to the agreement signed with the World Bank, the company introduces the Siemens Integrity Initiative, a global program allocating US$100 million to support projects that aim to combat corruption through collective action, education and training.
2011 In October, Paulo Stark takes over as President and CEO of Siemens Brazil.
2013 In May, Siemens self reports to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) about an alleged cartel in the subway-rail sector. August 16, 2013 – CADE officially confirms that Siemens was the author of the reporting. December 2013 - for the second consecutive year, Siemens is considered the most sustainable company in the capital goods segment by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
2014 March 2014 – CADE divulges a technical note confirming the report made by Siemens. March 27, 2014 - Siemens signs a cooperation agreement with the São Paulo State Prosecutor’s Office.